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    William Kleinfelder

    on Jul 23

    Great collection of have some really nice shots here!

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    on Dec 19

    Magnificent gallery. I hope to be a frequent visitor. Too many great shots to take in all at once!

  • garyyankechphotography

    on Dec 10 have some amazing bird action shots, you have inspired me to go out and shoot some birds again! I've been shooting mostly insect and fungi lately.

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    Lea Huetteman

    on Dec 01

    Excellent photography Dennis. I love the way you have set up your gallery.

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    on Mar 05

    Super shot super gallery

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    on Sep 19

    Fantastic images! Really einjoyed browsing through this gallery!

  • clarence stewart

    on Apr 21

    I love your photography the images are beautiful. I'm contacting you
    regarding permission to use some of your photography as artist
    references in my wildlife paintings. Would you please provide me
    an email address and I can send you samples of my artwork. I look
    forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    Clarence Stewart

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    ForWey Images

    on Dec 20

    Great gallery Dennis. Some of these photos could be twins of some of the photos I have taken with the exception that yours have a lot more detail. Excellent work.

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    on Jul 06

    Love your beautiful work my children enjoy viewing all the images

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    Jerry Barton

    on Dec 21

    I can see the effort that has gone into these shots - fantastic captures, great work.

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